Annual General Body Meeting-2017

On 25/6/2017 at 11.30 the Annual General Body Meeting was held at VYK office under the Chairmanship of Sri Basant Kumar Pradhan. The following members were present in the meeting:

  1. Mr. Basant Kumar Pradhan, President
  2. Mr. Purendu Sekhar Dehury, Treasurer
  3. Mr. Loknath Sahu, EC Member
  4. Mr. Hara Mohan Mohapatra, GB Member
  5. Mr. Manoj Kumar Mohapatra, Member Secretary
  6. Dr. Sabita pattanik, Vice President
  7. Ms. Namita Pradhan, EC Member
  8. Mr. Mohan Charan Sahoo, GB Member
  9. Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sahu, GB Member
  10. Mr. Nihar Ranjan Deo, GB Member
  11. Mr. Ranjankanta Dehury, Asst-Secretary
  12. Dr. Bandita Pradhan, GB member


  • Presentation and approval of last AGBM
  • Approval of last year Annual activate Report
  • Approval of audited statement of account (2016-17)
  • Approval of Action plan (2017-18)
  • Approval of Appointment of Audit for 2017-18
  • Any other with the permission of chair

Resolution- 1

The last year minutes of AGBM was presented by the Member Secretary which was unanimously approved


The Annual activities Report for the financial year 2016-17 was presented by the Member Secretary. He clarified the activities completed project wise. The report was approved unanimously.


The Audited statement of account for the financial year 2016-17 was presented by the Treasure. He clarified about the funding situation of sanitation project approved by WEE. The house suggested for generating funding from different sources. The house also sensitized about the loan to be taken from the Member Secretary for about Rs 14,00,000/- (fourteen Lakh Rupees) for construction of office building. The report was unanimously approved.


It was decided to take up the following activities during the current financial year:

  1. IGNOU
  2. Crèche Program
  3. Computer education program
  4. PRI training
  5. OFSDP-Phase-2 project in Athamallik & Subarnapur DMU
  6. Sanitation program in Khetrapal and Gundurimunda.
  7. Youth promotion / Vocational training
  8. Children Care / Child Right


The name of Mr. Sunder Prakash, CA was approved as Auditor for the finical year 2017-18

The meeting was ended with vote of thanks.