General Body Members

Mr. Basant Kumar Pradhan (46) is B.A, B.Ed and the founder and presently in the position of President for last 3 and half years. He was also in the Executive Committee for previous 6 years. He also acts as Superintendent of IGNOU Special Study Centre from 2002. Mob: 09937212727

Dr. Sabita Pattanaik (48), MA, PHD is a college teacher by profession. She shares some of her time in social activities. She is the counselor of this IGNOU study centre since last 7 years. She is presently with VYK as Vice-President. Mob: 09437288827

Mr. Manoj Kumar Mohapatra (44), MA (Soc.), PGDMM, MARD, LLB is the founder member and acting as Member Secretary since last 20 years. Also act as Coordinator of IGNOU Special Study Centre-VYK and Principal VRCC. He is associated with several district, state and national level organizations and networks in the field of development. Mob: 09437191043/ 09556138143

Dr. Bandita Pradhan (30) BHMS and acting as Medical Officer in a Primary Health Centre and associated with VYK since last 8 years. Presently acting as Assistant Secretary.Mob: 09937484733

Mr. Purnendu Sekhar Dehury (36) D.Farm. Associated with VYK since last 15 years. He owns his business unit related to health care. He is Presently acting as Trueaurer of VYKMob: 09937076440/ 09437359608

Mr. Loknath Sahoo (45) BA, Ratna. Associated with voluntary sector since last 25 years and presently acting as Teacher in a Government Secondary School. He is a member of VYK since last 18 years and now as Executive Committee member.Mob: 09777099821/ 06763294292

Mr. Hara Mohan Mohapatra (45) Matriculation. He is the founder member of VYK. He owned his business unit on health care. He share some of his time with the programs of VYK. He is presently acting as Executive Committee member.Mob: 09438279041

Mr. Mohan Charan Sahoo (48) Matriculation. He is a founder member of VYK. He owns his agricultural farm and associate with VYK with various programs.

Mr. Rajani Kanta Dehury (36) BSc. MEd. is a teacher by profession (Science teacher in Secondary Secool). He is a member of VYK since last 15 year and served VYK as Treasurer and Assistant Secretary for about 9 years. He is now General Body Member. Mob: 09937070556

Mr. Ajay Kumar Mahakud (44) B.Tech. By profession he is an Engineer and serving with government departments. He is associated with VYK since 1992 in the capacity of Assistant Secretary and Executive Committee members for 6 years. He is now General Body Member.Mob: 09438203258

Ms. Tapaswini Panda (30) MA (Eng.) PGDHRDE. She is associated with VYK since 2003 as a professional in HIV/AIDS program and became the member from 2004. She is trainer basically on mother and child health care, HIV/AIDS and Panchayatiraj. She is now General Body member of VYK and previously Executive Committee member for 3 years.Mob: 09437903889/ 09776203889

Ms. Bharati Panda (50) MA. is an entrepreneur and has established her own business unit and a social worker. She has joined with VYK as a general body member recently to broaden her social work Mob: 09437338085

Mr. Nihar Ranjan Deo (30) BA, Diploma in Computer Engineering. He is a Teacher by profession. He joined with VYK recently as general body member to do some work for the underprivileged communities.Mob: 09437333158